When Tex-Mex meets Chinese

Fans of the Carter Road  Loco Chino outlet will be glad to note that their favourite Tex -Mex and Chinese eatery has moved to SoBo. And SoBo diners will be happy to know that this new fast food joint will soon be offering home delivery, an option that is almost mandatory for those wanting to pick up a bite on this busy, busy road that often has its traffic lights shut, especially during peak traffic hours.

While walking down Kemp’s Corner the other day, I came across Loco Chino which had functioned as Buddha Belly  for a few moIMG_0414nths last year. Sadly the restaurant didn’t do well and downed shutters almost as soon as they were up, so   I was happy to learn that it has re-opened and even more happy to learn that they actually intend starting a home delivery soon. With the traffic what it is, sometimes it takes up to half an hour to just cross the road ( when the signals are turned off during peak hours) , so it is far better to order a home delivery than risk being killed yourself!

I stepped in to order some chicken dumplings which took all of 10-12 minutes to come to the table. They were pretty ok for the price (frankly Dev’s Momos further down the road towards Breach Candy is far better value for money) but Loco Chino seems a good dining option for those who want Tex -Mexican and  or Chinese.


The eatery has veg options too and serves up taco and burrito as per your choice – with just a 2-3 minute wait. With no liquor available it is a child friendly place that seats around 12-15 persons only. It is open from 11 am -12 pm and currently gets its dim sum from the Buddha Belly kitchen at Andheri .

Shop 1, 74-A, Ketty House, Gopalrao Deshmukh Marg,Peddar Road, Mumbai

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