The Dutch Kitchen at Schiphol

If you are transiting in Amsterdam for an onward flight to or from the New World, the new transit area is a comfortable place to lounge around in during the layover of a few hours. 
Apart from the regular shopping for shopaholics , there is a delightful new restaurant offering a taste of  Holland. 

Of course the potato chips ( French fries) that accompanied the chunks of crisply fried kibbeling are not a patch on the ones you get on the street , particularly off Dam Square, but nonetheless they are well worth an eat. 

Also one of my favourites are the min pancakes which look a bit like idli dusted with powdered sugar 

image for   The Dutch Kitchen
I was looking for the famous bitterballen but had to make do with these croquettes instead
image for   The Dutch Kitchen
Regular Dutch Pancakes and Kibbeling and chips
Of course I forgot to mention the Dutch Apple pie which is quite unlike any other – with its soft crumbly crust covering a crunchy Apple filling and topped with a generous helping of soft, whipped cream. 

Now isn’t that worth spending some time at Schiphol airport ? 

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