The light of the light house

Yesterday my cousin and his wife took us out to Abu Dhabi to see the magnificent Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque built of marble and decorated with exquisite stone inlay, floral carpets and gilded dome tips. On the way back to Dubai we had lunch at the Fanr, a restaurant serving Mediterranean food  in the  15400 sq foot arts and cultural centre ,  on Saadiyat Island. Opposite the yet to be opened Cranleigh School, a bemused looking Mona Lisa with a beard gazed at us as we entered the complex which is not yet complete.

The restaurant has a lovely open feel to it with its high ceilinged central space and adjoining Al fresco dining area which looked tempting with its canopied tables in a tree shaded compound. We sat inside as we didn’t want to risk the hot, searing sun but the outside was pleasant too as we found out later. There was an unlimited barbecue lunch outside which was a great option for weekend diners with the great options available.

However we weren’t interested in gorging ourselves sick so we ordered a la carte inside, preferring to keep the stomachs light to match the conversation. The two vegetarians amongst us ordered a penne arabiatta and a pizza margarita which has very little to go wrong with and pretty much lived up to expectations.

I had a spicy shrimp linguine with a request for mild spice while the other two had chargrilled  veal escalopes. My shrimp were decently sized and the sauce was creamy. The veal was overdone and chewy but the overall verdict was one of satisfaction.

My cousin who finds good continental food hard to come by in this region was visibly impressed with the overall ambience, service and food so the next time you are in the neighbourhood, do give this a shot!

the high ceilinged hall
the chargrilled escalopes and linguine
shrimp in spicy sauce
penne arabiata
the light
the sumptuous barbeque lunch
a mural
the minaret of happiness

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