The return of the Strawberry men

Every year Mumbai’s streets have men walking with baskets of strawberries on their heads. In the olden days strawberries would be packed in soggy cardboard boxes stuffed with leaves and bruised strawberries which the men carried in cane baskets balanced on their heads. 

The last few years have seen cardboard boxes giving way to clear plastic ones with fat red Sweet Charlie from Nasik being sold at traffic signals and as early as January! This year I was surprised to see strawberries in December. 

Zainul was selling strawberries near Kemp’s Corner and is selling them at Rs 80/ 250g . That would seem a bit steep but considering they’re grown in Panchgani, I might just try them tomorrow.  

For those who can’t get enough of this fruit, there’s news for you. This year’s strawberry festival at Panchgani will be during the Easter weekend so make sure you mark this date ( 27 March) and drive up the Western Ghats to eat all the strawberries you want. 

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