#QuakerBowl at JWMarriott Juhu


#QuakerBowl? What’s that? A bowl of oats? A bowl made by the Quakers? A contest of Quakers?

The answer to the question is none of the above.

#QuakerBowl was an event organised by PepsiCo and Indiblogger to promote the awareness and goodness of oats.

Oats have been around for yonks and Quaker Oats have been around since 1870 (according to the label) so why are they suddenly making news?

Well ever since diet has become the buzz word, anything that helps in weight loss without compromising on nutrition, oats has come on the radar as the ideal food for dieters.

The event

Sunday morning at the JW Marriott, Juhu was a big ask for me but since my mornings usually begin with a Quaker Oats Uthappa I thought I’d see what it was all about .

image for prize winning recipe
Team 10 won the prize for the most attractive and nutritious dish


image for paneer makhani
After a long session we finally broke for lunch where surprisingly , oats were only used in a miniscule quantity to thicken the gravy for paneer makhani. Brownies made with oats featured in the dessert section but the less said about them the better


image for Vikas Khanna
Undoubtedly, The highlight of the function was truly Vikas Khanna ,Michelin Award winning chef who kept the audience engaged with his light and easy banter. He has been appointed brand ambassador by Pepsicoand has pledged to help fight the problem of malnourishment in India.


Image for Vikas Khanna
Even though I had a seat in the front, it was at the side and we literally had to move up and down to catch chef Vikas’ s attention. I was lucky to catch it at the moment it mattered and enjoyed my 5 seconds of fame when my Tweetworthy quote was tweeted live with Vikas. That made my day!



Image for stage is set
And the stage is set for the # QuakerBowl hosted by Indiblogger and PepsiCo.


Image for dish made by Team 1
i had an enthusastic bunch of bloggers on my table and as Team 1 made a dish that came a close second. Sadly, no prizes were given to the runners up , not even a box of tissues;)


image for Team 10
The crowd was split into groups and were given 10 minutes to come up with a dish using oats and a whole heap of other ingredients to make something nutritious and attractive. This acrivity took a lot of time as we had to use the starions in batches. This is Team 10 with Vikas Khanna.

The verdict

Over all the Indimeet was a fun event but quite unlike what I was expecting. For one there wasn’t any company spiel about the product etc . But it was good to meet up with old acquaintances and make new ones.

See my Tweetworthy tweet

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