Trying my hand at #food photography

Image for food photography
                                                                 My spaghetti au gratin photographed with bright pink flowers

The importance of #food photography

Good photography plays an important role in deciding which recipe to try out and which cookery book to buy.
I was looking around for some recipes to make a mushroom and chicken liver pate when I came across some gorgeous photographs of food in ChewTown. That’s when I realised that food photography is very important in a food blog and I should try my hand at #food photography and improve the visual content of my blog.

The use of props in Food photography

In an attempt to improve my food photography, I actually bought myself a Canon with a good zoom lens. However, with my extreme time crunch, very often I just click with my iPhone. This doesn’t mean that I clicked mindlessly – what is important is the use of props.


This morning I decided to revamp some left over spaghetti Aglio e  olio in my fridge with half a sausage of Iberian beef and serve it up as the ubiquitous “baked dish” or au gratin that was de rigeur for sophisticated dinner parties in India in the ’60’s .
After I sauted the bits of sausage, I stirred in some freshly made  bechamel sauce, jazzed up with a pre-mixed Italian seasoning, and bunged it in a hot oven till the bread crumbs on top became a warm brown crust.
Since the aim of the exercise was to improve my food photography, I immediately took a photo with my trusty iPhone

image for food photography
                                                                         The spaghetti with berries for a prop


Which one do you think looks better?

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