Walking In to COOL CHEF

I often wonder why I land up at the place I do especially when I make that choice on a whim.

This morning I had around half an hour to kill ( may be even more if things took longer……….) and I happened to be in the vicinity of a restaurant that was situated in the most unlikely place – Worli Village. It would seem strange to have a village in the middle of a large city like Mumbai but yes, we do have pockets of old world charm that still go by the name of village squatting right in the middle of our modern day concrete jungle. At the end of  Worli Sea Face  a road otherwise known by the name of Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan ( or Frontier Gandhi as he is known to students of Indian history) a most unlikely name if ever, just before the round about is a small easy to miss road turning left which is dominated by the Indian Coast Guard. There just cheekily beside it on the left is COOL CHEF, the eatery which I was looking for.
I had read somewhere that the restaurant did a mean breakfast so I thought I’d pop in for a quick coffee. Unfortunately, I had got it wrong – the restaurant does a mean brunch and a great dinner so on a normal working day the chefs come in only at 11 am. However, when the watchman rang the door bell, I was welcomed into the parlor by the maid who was followed by the owner’s mother. Perhaps she is the owner herself because it turned out to be a family venture – the youngest son being the chef, the premises being his father’s and the general support system being the whole family!
Mrs. Thadani, Raviraj’s mother, was more than welcoming and offered me a cup of tea, coffee or cold drink or even just plain water while she shared with me the story of how the restaurant evolved. This little cottage has become a quaint cozy restaurant which spells quirky , young and fresh. I just glanced through the menu without my spectacles but I imagine the food to be good since Raviraj has trained as a chef in Switzerland, the Mecca of all students of serious cuisine.
I was impressed by what I saw and was tempted to stay on and have the coffee since the cooks did walk in at 11 but my wait was over and I had to leave…….
But I will be back with a report of how the restaurant measured up.

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