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What is the Bohri Kitchen?

My first experience with Bohri food was when my friend Nilu invited me to her cousin’s wedding feast. At that time, I must confess that the thought of eating in a communal plate or thaal was a bit daunting, but when I saw that the thaal was more or less like a table top with everyone eating out of their own little plates, I really enjoyed the entire experience . Since then Bohri food has become one of my favourite foods and I even make it a point to visit the Bohri mohalla during Ramzaan and enjoy their street food.

There’s nothing more authentic than eating Bohri food in a thaal, however, getting a Bohri friend to organise a thaal can be a bit of a fiddle as it is a lot of hard work so I was thrilled when I heard about The Bohri Kitchen, that offers a thaal-in-a- box every day of the week.

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             This neatly packed disposable thaal in a box had a fixed menu – a russian kebab, chicken biryani, kashmiri aaloo and dudhi halwa

What began as a weekend  home dining experience  for 8 lucky  people who were invited to partake of a typically home cooked meal at the Kapadia’s,  has now snowballed into a full fledged kitchen from where Munaf could keep up with the orders for home delivery.

Munaf Kapadia, Chief Eating Officer ( read Founder and CEO) of the Bohri Kitchen very kindly shared a few thoughts with me. 

How did you come up with The Bohri Kitchen?

My mother is a great cook and I felt that more people needed to eat her fabulous food like samosa and raan. So we started out with the home dining concept  where we served a 6 course meal in typical Bohri style at Rs. 1500 per head. This led to many requests for home deliveries which shot up so much that we had no option but to go in for a kitchen to meet  the home deliveries.

So does that make the food homestyle as opposed to home made?

Not really because my mother is very involved with  how the food is made. She has personally trained the chefs so this is as good as her own home cooked food.

How different is your food from the regular caterers like Jeff?

Our target is the non-Bohri so our food is slightly less greasy than the regular community caterers.

Your menu seems rather limited. Do you plan to expand it?

Currently our menu is a small curated version because we still have to work out the logisitics. We do plan on changing the menu every season and having three options for the thaal. But apart from that we don’t want to diversify too much and dilute the quality or the brand.

As your kitchen expands will you still continue your home dining?

Yes of course! As long as my mom is willing .

How does one get invited to your home?

This venture has been such a success that prior booking is a must. This weekend we are completely sold out because we will stop home dining during Ramzaan. Ordinarily I would advise people to book at least a week in advance.

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  Image taken from official website

Any plans on opening a restaurant or a regular catering service? 

Not really.

With that I came to the end of my questions. I do hope the iftar box works so that I can eat some yummy Bohri food fin  the comfort of my home

Do try the Bohri Kitchen’s online delivery service if you can’t make it to their weekend home dining option.

Available for delivery from Cuffe Parade to Mahim (same day) and Powai (next day).

Available on or Scootsy, Swiggy and Zomato !

Happy eating!

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