What’s in a glass of milk?

To most people milk is just milk is just milk. But actually there is a lot to be said about milk. It is the greatest source of natural calcium and even though some doctors say that children should only drink milk as long as it is their mothers, I strongly recommend that humans drink milk as long as they can.
Some time last year I got an offer for a free litre of cow milk from Sarda Farms. This milk obtained from cows in a completely sanitized and hygenic manner was supplied by Sarda Farms, a dairy operating outside Nasik and looked after by a genuine Dutchman. The milk itself tasted Dutch ( if Dutch milk tastes different ) but the only reason we did not buy it was because we didn’t see the need for it. We preferred to have our full fat completely adulterated milk delivered by the local thug who masquerades as the Milk Supplier.

But then earlier this month a young lady dropped off a 250ml bottle of cow’s milk supplied by Pride of Cows and this time we were hooked. This milk also tasted Dutch and won my husband’s seal of approval so we decided to buy it for our grandson. Unfortunately consumes only 200ml a day so after the initial arrangement to have1 litre delivered every other day we found that we had a lot of milk going waste. So this morning I called again to ask for even less milk and am now getting milk delivered every fourth day. This works fine since the milk is good for a week since the date of manufacture and it is delivered on the date of manufacture so it is perfectly safe to drink the milk for four days.

With everything going organic and healthy these days, cow milk is fast gaining popularity. Aggressive marketing, assured quality and good after sales service are soon going to drive the traditional bhaiyyas out of business especially the ones who deliver out of milk pails. Those who deliver in plastic bags too will find themselves fighting for a share in the market because even the price differential pales in comparison to the service given by these high end dairies like Sarda Farms and Pride of Cows.

I haven’t visited either of these farms and wonder if the cattle are really black and white Holstein Friesans or if they are chocolate brown cows that supply chocolate milk?

Unfortunately I can’t get an image of the milk bottle of Pride of Cows. While this milk is supplied in Plastic bottles which aren’t recycled or reused, the Sarda Farms milk comes in glass bottles which are collected on the next delivery. Both dairies provide fresh milk untouched by human hands and the convenience of ordering online.

Verdict – Ditch your bhaiyya right now and switch over to cow’s milk. You deserve the best don’t you?

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