Winter is coming


          The Winter is coming, it’s a bit of a joke

With temperatures rarely dipping to single digits

In the coldest of cold.

But it still leaves us rummaging in cupboards at home

In attics and trunks for  clothes kept away

IMG_5893          Carefully  wrapped in muslin and mothballs  to wear when its cold.

However, despite the barely perceptible cold weather,

We do have our winter and the joys that it brings.

             The pleasures of eating the fruits of the sea

Fresh pomfrets and sole, red snapper and mackarel

Lobster and prawn

IMG_5980                                       To   grill and to pickle and garnish with lime

or fry to a crisp with a  breadcrumby crust


Winter’s  juicy red  carrots make a halwa divine.

Its sweet peas so tender to  stuff samosas for tea

Winter brings mornings that are crisp with a chill

undhya             That needs you to warm up with a porridge of oatmeal

Or Phada nu khichada cracked wheat that’s wholesome

With spices and ghee.

Hot gulab jamuns and other foodies’ delights.

Like Undhya a mixture of vegetables and beans

Cooked slowly with spices by each Undhya Queen.

Winter means fondue and hot chocolate drinks

Of mulled wine and hot soups, apple pies and cream

So even if Mumbai’s winters don’t mean warm sweaters or cozying up in front of a fire

It doesn’t mean standing in the mild winter sun

It doesn’t mean shivering in mist shrouded bus stops

It doesn’t mean heavy winter quilts and hot water bottles

Winter means partying with jewels and silk

It means dark early mornings with sunsets at six.

It means unfrizzy hair and non sweaty skins.

I love Mumbai’s winter and can’t really wait

And glad it is coming this year not too late!

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