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The newest kid on the block ,WOK EXPRESS’s  latest outlet at Chinoy Mansion, is just  a hop skip and a jump away from home. Our dinner guest from Chennai pointed out the restaurant as we were returning from a terribly disappointing dinner at China Garden Saturday night and said that WOK EXPRESS was a great concept one where you could order your customised Chinese online and which promised to home deliver. Now Home Delivery is a great hook for Mumbaikars who value time more than their money, so this afternoon I thought I’d give it a try.

I went online and registered myself and placed the order, a procedure that was simple enough. As soon as I placed the order, I looked at the time to see how they defined “immediate “which is what I wanted the delivery to be.

To my horror, an hour later I was still waiting for it. I finally called and was surprised that instead of sorting out the problem ASAP,  there was a needless exchange of calls back  and forth, just trying to verify whether or not I had placed the order. A more sensible person would have cancelled but not me : I hotfooted it  down to the outlet myself as it was getting on to an hour and a half since I received the order confirmation from WOK EXPRESS’s on line service.

So it turns out that there was a major glitch in the system so the outlet had not received the order. But when I went to the outlet the order was processed within minutes. I must say the management was sufficiently apologetic and possibly new ventures are prone to teething troubles so after a peace offering   of a complimentary strawberry bubble tea (Rs 70)  by the manager Shankar Koli , I placed my order yet again.

I now pronounce my verdict

1 medium box of chicken flat wheat  noodles with spring onion mushroom and pak choi with Kung pao sauce – Quantity was decent but the sauce was decidedly black. I always thought that Kung Pao was much lighter. Slightly more vinegar than I liked but there was a decent quantity of chicken and mushrooms.

The Teriyaki Chicken Shushi –

There were only 5 pieces in the box, no sauce though the wasabi and pickled ginger was generous enough. Once again I found the shushi too vinegary and sour .

The Strawberry Bubble Tea – I’m not a fan of Bubble Tea but my young grandson loved it!

Affordability ? Pretty good value for money

Yay or Nay ?

I am a bit confused with this one – My experience of the delivery service was HORRIBLE but once there, it was pretty ok. I was not too impressed with the noodles but may be my choice of sauce and condiments was all wrong. I will have to try the dim sum and other noodles to decide whether I want to keep ordering from WOK EXPRESS.

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