Yet another cookery book

There are cookery books and cookery books and everyone who can fry an egg can claim to be a cook.

I never thought that I’d ever cook especially since my first attempt at making a cup of tea for six of my father’s friends took all of half an hour. After waiting patiently for tea , he came inside the kitchen to find out what was happening – it was simple really, I just knew how to make one cup at a time and was waiting to finish making all six cups before taking the tray out! ( Of course I was just 16 at that time and had just volunteered because the cook was on leave and my mother had stepped out for a bit).

But lots of water has passed under the bridge since then and I realised that not only do I like cooking but also had a natural aptitude for it. Gradually I began taking a deep interest in cooking and ingredients and food associated with customs and rituals.

This culminated in my first ever cook book ” The Fragrance of Mango Blossom” a collection of recipes associated with the life style of the Kokanastha Brahmin community to which I belong. 

Yesterday morning when Armaity from Popular Prakashan called and said that the Business Development Manager Swapna Shinde wanted to meet me regarding my book I was wondering what it could be. My cookery book took ten years for me to write and another four years for it to get to this stage so I was a bit apprehensive. What could it be this time?

Well, I pushed the appointment a half hour earlier and went down the road to meet the publishers. Yes ! They were going ahead with the book and
They were going into print on MONDAY

A N D  (drumroll and cymbals)

The book will be out on the shelves in the first week of JULY.

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