Yong Tau Foo

I was shopping this afternoon when I suddenly realised it was way past my lunch time. I decided to eat at the food court of the Mall and asked the salesgirl who was attending to me for some suggestions. She told me to try Yong Tau Foo which turned out to be a very good choice.  

  I picked up a bowl and asked for a 6 piece Yong Tau Foo but the man told me that I had to choose what I wanted.

I had the choice of vegetables and tiny pieces of Tofu with meat . The other assistant helped me and after I chose my six pieces I took the bowl to the cashier who showed me four kinds of noodles to choose from.

I went for a transparent rice flat noodle which he said went well with the soup. I waited another minute or so before he handed me a bowl of the yummiest noodle soup I’ve ever had.  

 Yong Tau Foo can be had dry or with a soup. You can assemble it with rice or noodle and spice it up with two kinds of sauce on the side.

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