The Yummiest Dosa in Mumbai

I know this will not go down very well with Dosa Purists so let me apologise to you guys at the beginning of this post. Of course, there’s nothing quite like the soft, dosa made by your mummy or mami, fluffy, light and flavoured with home made ghee but frankly if you are in the mood for a DOSA JUST NOW, there’s no real option but to go out to the streets and find some dosawalla nearby.

Yes, in almost every nook and corner of Mumbai you will find a dossa walla, his hair slicked back, his cart laden with two coal fired stoves ( yes almost always he has two dosas being made at a time) , with a stainless steel tin filled with batter, a stack of stainless steel plates, some well cut butter paper to serve the dosa and some newspapers to wrap up take aways. There will also be a sidekick on hand to help with the serving and washing of utensils and a large crowd of people hanging around chomping away on their food.

There are dossawallahs near colleges, near hospitals, near hangout spots, near offices, underneath staircases and  on foot paths that are already too narrow and too few.

The one dosawalla who sells the yummiest cheese masala dosa is Raju Bhai on the footpath outside HN Hospital in Girgaon.

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